Screen Writing

Scripts from MSU Telecasters’ “The ShoW” shorts

During my time on “the ShoW” I spent a year as a writer in the main writing staff. The documents listed below are the sketches I wrote as strictly online content to provide our viewers a closer look at their favorite characters.

Neil and Meghan’s Dorm adventure

In this ShoW Short we see two of our starring characters Neil and Meghan moving into a co-ed dorm room, something we hadn’t addressed in the first and last episode of the season. I chose to write this short because it was a big change to these characters’ lives and the change was so different that I wanted to explain why these incredibly two different characters ended up living together. I also wanted to breach a gap between the discussions about the backstory between these characters that had become “cannon” in the writer’s room.

Sibling Bonding Short

After we premiered our first episode with the siblings Richard and Megan, I realized we never really had a moment where they are actually are acting like they are related. In order to fill that need, I wrote this sketch to show them actually acting like siblings, but keeping true to their characters.

Study Room Sketch

In 2012 we added a new set to our show, in order to add more diversity of where the characters spend their time. In order to introduce this sketch to our audience, the writers on the ShoW’s writing staff were asked to write about a situation that could introduce the new set in a comical but memorable way. In this sketch I decided to utilize the fact that one of our actresses had been a huge Harry Potter fan and try to implement that into this sketch in a comedic yet tasteful way.

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