In the last four years the majority of my work has been mostly on the business side of film & television. I have been fortunate enough to work as a producer for a collegiate level episodic series, a few mini documentaries, and a short film.

Producer, Episode 86 of MSU Telecasters “The ShoW”

In the three years that I was a part of telecasters, I spent everyday working towards becoming the producer of the show. In my junior year I was voted in as a producer of the ShoW. For this episode we started working in May and shot the episode in September. My role as the producer included scheduling the meetings and filming schedule, manage the budget, sit in writer’s meetings in order to keep expectations leveled, and work with director/editor in order to achieve our deadline.

Producer, mini doc “Kober Fish Decoys” 

For this mini doc we drove up to the small town of Cadillac, MI to learn about the culture surrounding Fish Decoys. In order to prepare for this shoot, I had to work around busy schedules, figure out the equipment and how we were going to approach this shoot. My role as the producer was to check out the equipment, make sure that we mapped out a specific amount of time that worked around other job schedules didn’t interfere with out shoot time, and work with the editor to help pick which shots we would use for the final cut.

Producer, short film “Rough Cut” 

The idea for this film came from a discussion about whether the team members of this project wanted to do a comedy or a horror film, in order to compromise we came up with a suitable alternative of a comedy film about making a horror movie. For this film my responsibilities were organizing shoot days, casting the project and budgeting the project. I also created the production bible for the project so that we would be able to present to the board for funding, we received about $150.00 for this project.

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