My Authorized Biography

Hello hello! And welcome to my portfolio! (Hey that rhymed!) I’m Richa Choubey, a graduate from thegreatest school in the midwest, Michigan State University (Go Green!). I have spent the last four years working in Entertainment iIMG_0225n Los Angeles, and am ready to pursue a new (but also an old dream) of working in news.

I’m a little quirky, somewhat nerdy and anall around pop culture nerd (in a Gilmore Girls was totally based off me sort of way). I grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan (about an hour away from Detroit –No, I haven’t been to 8 mile. –Yes, that’s where Madonna isfrom. — No, I’ve never met her) and was raised by good old midwestern values: live by your hockey team, always carry a sweater, and always always work your hardest and your best.

Which is basically what I’ve done. I’ve interned, I’ve studied hard, I actually achieved the coveted job of working at a real television studio on a back lot (like I see the tourists come by and pretend I’m famous back lot). But now that I achieved this “dream” I’m ready and confident that I can achieve whatever I want. I did the most unattainable thing – I found a job in the entertainment industry and I clawed my way to the top. Now I’m ready to do what I always wanted to do – Journalism.

I know I know – looking at this website you’re probably thinking “this girl is soooo into entertainment and is looking at the easy way out.” The truth is – taking the easy way is what got me into entertainment. I didn’t believe I was smart enough or had the stamina for journalism – so I did the job that I used as a coping mechanism. But now, I’m finally ready to admit to myself, I can do anything and that includes what I have felt was the impossible.


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